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Spa Manicure with Mask

A spa manicure with mask is a longer and more involved treatment for fingernails and toenails than the regular manicure. While it involves the same process as a regular manicure, the process finishes with an additional treatment.

A glycolic exfoliation or a paraffin wax treatment is also offered as a treatment. Glycolic exfoliation uses the powerful properties of glycolic acid in a cream or gel to dissolve and remove dead and damaged skin cells.

A paraffin wax treatment involves dipping your hands in a warm paraffin wax solution, then covering your hands in plastic bags, and then in gloves. Either treatment exfoliates hands, leaving them soft and smooth.

The nails are brightened in an aromatic soak, forearms and hands are massaged, and nails and cuticles are shaped and filed. Steam towels provide a deeper penetration for your moisturizer, while your nails and cuticles receive a conditioning treatment and are polished to perfection.