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Permanent Straightening

There are many different hair types—coarse, thin, thick, smooth, curly, wavy, straight, relaxed, and kinky. There are even different levels of waves, curls, and kinks! And while everyone has different hair, many women would die to have a different type of hair.

Those with straight hair wish they had natural waves that allowed for the messy but cute look. Those with ringlet curls wish their hair was smooth, straight, and easier to deal with.

Hair is made of keratin, a strong protein, which contains sulfides. When sulfides bond together, they form a disulfide bond that creates a kink or curl in your hair structure. The curliness of hair depends on how many of these bonds.

Women love to have long, beautiful, shining and straight looking hair. In order to get this, they try different things, and permanent hair straightening is one of them.

Permanent Hair Straightening removes wavy curls permanently using chemical treatments to give Straight flowing hair without using a styler daily.

The salon uses a sodium based product on hair to break the Keratin structure and make it more manageable. Secondly, an oxidant that helps to neutralize the keratin action is added to set the fibers of hair in the desired shape.

Types of Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening is again split into different kinds depending on the technique involved. Professionals give the same silky straight locks but just in different ways!

  • Keratin treatment
  • Japanese straightening (thermal reconditioning)
  • Chemically straightened hair
  • Hair Rebounding

Hair straightening is without a doubt the best solution for anyone with healthy, voluminous hair who is ready to commit to a long term, pin straight hair style.

One may have to pay a bit more up front. But it will pay off in the long term.

Save time fixing the hair each morning. These treatments aim to straighten curls and waves and to reduce frizz. The treatments result in 85 to 100 percent of the curl gone depending on the original hair texture.

Treatments last around 10–12 weeks and repeating the treatment every few months will allow for treatment of new growth.  There will be no worrying about frizz in the humid summers.

Have a professional look in far less time than before.