For an instant meal any time of the day, just combine the vanilla or chocolate shake with skimmed milk in the bodykey shaker. It´s a delicious drink that you can enjoy while staying right on plan. For more information please visit or


The instant meal bars are packed with nutrition and offer a quick and easy way to stay in line with your bodykey programme while on the go. Whether fruit or chocolate flavoured, these bars give you the energy you need without compromising your weight loss goals.For more information please visit or


One of the most overlooked factors in maintaining a healthy weight is adequate hydration. The bodykey herbal tea, with lemongrass, green tea and nettle leaves, was designed with this in mind. It?????s a relaxing way to ensure that you consume enough water throughout the day while getting the right phytonutrients and antioxidants to aid your weight loss. For more information please visit or

Natural Fat Reducer

Based on a 100 % natural fibre extract from the opuntia cactus, this supplement minimises the absorption of nutritional fats, blocking up to 27 % of fat in a meal. For more information please visit or

Natural Carb Reducer

Based on a 100 % natural white kidney bean extract, this supplement reduces the absorption of dietary carbohydrates up to 2/3 in a standard 600 calorie meal. For more information please visit or

*Result not equal to surgical/cosmetic procedures.

Suggested NUTRILITE™ food supplements

he NUTRILITE™ brand offers you and your family a complete range of food supplements and other food products designed to optimise well-being and address the nutritional needs of anyone at any life stage. All NUTRILITE products are produced from high-quality plant concentrates from sustainably grown ingredients. They have been extensively researched to ensure effective nutrient and ingredient combinations, based on proven scientific evidence from the Nutrilite Health Institute. If you do not have regular and balanced meals, we recommend that you support your diet with a multivitamin multimineral supplement and other key nutrients that compensate for potential nutrient deficiencies and provides a higher level of nutrients. To learn more about NUTRILITE products and to place an order, please visit the How To Buy page. You will then be directed to a website where NUTRILITE products can be ordered.