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Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facial was created to help combat signs of ageing. It is a process that does not involve any needles or use of chemicals. The use of oxygen facial will help rejuvenate the skin, showing off healthier skin. The hydrating of the skin will leave it feeling balanced, with many other skin conditions disappearing in the process.

The skin needs oxygen in order to survive, but with pollution, how the skin ages, and other factors, the skin may not have all the oxygen that it needs. Pressurised oxygen is delivered to the face, hydrating the skin immediately. The skin cells are replenished with the contact the oxygen has with the skin.

Since oxygen is a bactericide that is all natural, the use of oxygen on the skin will cool and calm it, as well as destroy anaerobic bacteria.

Oxygen facial delivers many benefits to the skin. These include an increase in circulation, an improvement in skin texture, and hydrating dry skin. There is no down time associated with the oxygen facial, with the treatment being safe for all skin types. This type of facial is perfect to use after a laser treatment, and can be easily done on the lunch hour.

It will help to detoxify the skin, restore cell nourishment, and stimulate collagen production. Oxygen facial will also help speed up healing time on the skin. This facial can help those with active acne, mature skin, dry and dull complexions, and oily or combination skin.