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Nourishing Keaso Facial

A moisture rich formula to nourish and rehydrate skin to make it stay young by maintaining moisture and strengthen skin’s protective outermost layer. Extracts of Mulberry and Collagen moisturise and help to improve skin tone while promoting elasticity, and leaves skin with a bright and youthful appearance.

Kaeso Nourishing Facial Treatment is most suitable for the normal to dry skin. Which includes

  • Hydrating cleanser Application.
  • Skin Analysis.
  • Hydrating exfoliator application
  • Face Streaming.
  • Hydrating mask Application.
  • Hydrating toner Application.
  • Hydrating Moisturise Application.

Nourishing Keaso facial treatment is most suitable for the sensitive skin. A light, fresh, rapidly absorbed cream that restores long-lasting moisture to skin. Specially formulated to nourish and rejuvenate sensitive skin. Contains extracts of Mulberry and Pomegranate to soften, soothe and refresh. A lightweight formula to help protect the skin and leaves it feeling nourished and hydrated.