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Gel Polish

Gel polish is the ultimate nail polish. Get 10-21 days of beautiful chip-free wear. It stays super shiny the whole time.

Get all the benefits of gel polish with some nail art on top! Still guaranteed to last as long as a gel polish manicure. Use one of the popular designs or bring in a picture of what is needed.

A very thin layer of hard gel to go under gel polish. Unlike an overlay, there is no shaping or building of the nail. It makes gel polish removal easier because the gel can be filed off rather than soaked off.

The thin layer of hard gel remains so the natural nail is never filed. This eliminates the need for acetone (which can be very drying to the nails and cuticles).

It makes removal quicker, but it does not damage the natural nail in any way because the thin layer of hard gel protects the natural nail.

Therefore, get the look and quality of acrylic, with the flexibility and long-lasting wear of hard gel. Hard gel has less lifting than acrylic, is super shiny, has no strong-smelling fumes, has more flexibility than acrylic, and it looks and feels natural.

A full set includes tips for added length and hard gel application in a French manicure.

The salon also offers hard gel overlay with gel polish or hard gel on top. Just like a Hard Gel Full Set, but without the tips. Plus, get the choice of gel color on top.

This is a great way to grow out the natural nails! Hard gel is a nail enhancement just like acrylic, except it is more flexible, looks and feels more natural, has less lifting, has no strong-smelling fumes, and is super shiny.

Also fill in the growth on the hard gel nails. More hard gel is added to the new growth and French manicure is re-applied and includes any necessary repairs.

The experts at the salon give a quick fill that can be used only for a French Manicure. Get more gel added near the cuticle. More white is not added. Customers can do one or two quick fills in between a regular fill, depending on how fast the nails grow.