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Full Body

When we say laser hair removal, it is not only about face or underarms. You can flaunt beautiful, hair-less arms and legs as well with the help of this revolutionary cosmetic treatment. Women are quite familiar with the idea of body hair reduction as achieving smooth and hair free skin is something they always aim for.

Hair on arms and legs can make you look really unattractive. Wearing that sexy, short black dress can therefore, remain just a dream. We know how unhappy you feel about such situations and so, laser full body hair removal can come to your rescue.

You might have heard about women getting upper lips and facial hair removed by this process. The good news is that you can grab permanent hair reduction services for arms, legs and other parts of the body. This procedure can even remove the knuckle hair that grows on your fingers and toes as well.

Don’t be afraid to bare your limbs on a hot summer’s day. Leave them looking silky & smooth. Imagine never having to shave your legs again! Think of all the time & money you would save. Keep your arms smooth & your legs beach-ready at all times with this sophisticated and effective hair reduction treatment.

The full body laser hair removal package is very popular with our clients. This includes hair removal for every part of your body. We will remove the unwanted hair from your arms, underarms, chest, stomach, bum, pubic area, full legs, hands and toes. That’s why many women choose this option.

The salon offers full body laser hair removal treatment according to the following sessions:

  • Full Body (1 Session)= £250.00
  • Full Body (7 Sessions) = £1500.00